Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Third and Fifth

My Littles are back at school today, y'all. More than ever before, this summer seems like it flew by. Despite our best efforts, I felt a little under-prepared this morning, to tell the truth. Standing in the dark kitchen packing lunches and listening to the thunder (because of course it rained for the first day of school), it felt a little surreal that I was packing the lunches that would start Henry's third grade year and Audrey's fifth grade year. (Even typing that felt weird.)

Henry woke up and came downstairs dressed and ready to embrace the day. Audrey, on the other hand, came down in her pajamas already filled with anxiety and very reluctant to get to school. Partly due to the unknown that is any first day of school, and partly because she had some trouble with some of the kids in her class last year, she kept that anxiety with her all the way through the door into her classroom, and although I did my best to give her a good solid pep talk, I think the only thing that will bring her around to her usual enthusiasm for school will be the experience of the first few days and the difference a summer break can make.

I know this year will be better... but that isn't stopping me from whispering a mantra for her, over and over, and holding it in my heart until she gets back home- keep an open mind, try your best, and find the kindness in the group, brave strong girl.

This school thing never gets any easier, y'all. But we're getting it done.

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