Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ten Things

I have to admit, I am struggling to find the time, energy, and opportunity to sit down and create commentary on our days lately. After selling the majority of my day every Monday through Friday, I rush back home to get kids from school, then it's the usual homework-housework-dinner-bedtime routine and in the end, I am not left with much time for myself and the things I used to love spending said time on. Sadly, this little indulgence is suffering along with everything else, and it's a bummer.

But I'm here now, and here's ten things worthy of note lately-

1: it is chilly. In fact, I saw that we have been almost ten degrees below "normal" for the last couple days. It has made all our sweaters come out, and we had a fire in the wood stove all day Saturday. We even had hot apple cider for the first time this season, though Audrey wouldn't drink it because she said it smelled like Play Doh (I dunno?). I'm totally loving it, though. Real Fall, y'all.

2: I'm not the only one enjoying all that comes with a genuine autumnal cold snap- Rory has been a constant occupant at the foot of my bed, where all the extra blankets get thrown when alarm clocks start sounding and bodies start rising. He is a sucker for the fleece, and 9 times out of 10 you can find him in some sort of catball shape tucked in those abandoned folds. Lucky cat.

3: we rented a dumpster and finally cleaned up after the rebuilding of the chimney. We had an entire dumpster worth of debris and trash left behind after the demolition and reconstruction of our leaky, rotten chimney, and I'm proud to say everyone pitched in to get it all picked up and packed away. It's such a relief... you could see the trash pile from the driveway and it was a total downer.

4: for the first time since her stitches and staples and such came out, Suka finally got a bath and a good brushing (and then a nap wrapped in a fresh towel in the sunshine), and she smells so. much. better. That girl was getting pungent! What a relief!

5: speaking of Suka, she is scheduled to be spayed next week and we are all looking forward to that being over and done with. Per our vet's advice, we've allowed her to go through her first heat cycle before being spayed, and oh my goodness has that been a challenge. We're almost through it, though, and then we'll never have to worry about unwanted neighbor-dog attention again! Eight more days to go.

6: in other animal news, our feathered girls are going through their first molt, and oh my is it a big one! It looks like someone ripped open a feather pillow out there, and my poor Queenie seems to be hit the hardest of all of them. Don't you worry, though, she still struts around with a regal air, but it is not warranted at the moment. Her poor tail... but you're still beautiful on the inside, Queenie girl! I am really looking forward to them completing this cycle, I really miss those eggs... it's been more than a month since we've gotten a single one!

7: we've also stopped letting the chicken girls out of their coop during the day (for now) because we have a griffin-sized red tailed hawk who has somehow figured out how to get past the net and through the extensive canopy coverage of their yard and pick 2 hens and my rooster off at it's leisure. It doesn't make any sense, but since they've been cooped up (har har), they've been safe, so cooped they shall remain. Queenie is the loudest complainer, but it's the best I can do right now. Sorry, Queenie.

8: with all the usual harbingers of the season for us came strep throat, and we've had our littlest on antibiotics for the last several days. Brave little Henry missed a day of school to go get that dreaded swab down the throat, then went with me to my office so I could pick up my laptop and work from home so he could rest. He left me these little notes while I was getting things lined up before hitting the road for home, and I'm pretty sure they won't be erased for quite a while. They're my favorite office decoration now.

9: I will be off the whole week of Thanksgiving (yay!), and I'm carefully lining up projects and to-do lists for that precious time at home. At the top of the list is some QT with my sewing machine, creating new covers for the pillows my sneaky pup has all but destroyed. I decided to go a completely different route from the colors we'd been maintaining in there, and there will be some black this time around. It feels bold and exciting (and yes, I do realize I'm only talking about pillow covers, but still!). I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!

10: I have finally started taking our Christmas shopping seriously, and have surprised myself with a few flashes of genius for a couple hard-to-buy-for family members and now I am SO EXCITED I can't even stand it. Granted, there are more blanks on my list than there are great ideas, but the ones I've hit on...... yaaaaaaaaaasssssss. Can't wait to share.

And so I'm off to tackle the next line item on my to-do list and hopefully squeeze out another few minutes to pop back in here soon. Wishing all a great start to the week!

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