Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Too Late

It finally happened- our first hard freeze. Down into the 20's we went, and shortly thereafter came the end to the overwhelming tide of hot peppers and tomatillos. Regretfully, I realized a little too late that the low was going to be that low- and I did have a few tomatoes hanging on which I was sad to see go- but in a guilty way I'm a little relieved that my winter rest has arrived and the time has come to put the beds to bed (although it hurt my heart a little to see all that waste).

It took three trips with packed wheelbarrow to get it all cleaned up, then the rest of the day and countless more loads to get all the compost and manure filled in, but it's done! I'd like to see a top coat of rotting hay, but my back was O.U.T. out by the end of the mulching so that will have to wait.

Now if only I could get Suka to stop stealing the eggshells out of the compost....................

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