Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Overnight- or so it would seem- we suddenly went from one or two tomatillos off our giant plant (that I grew from seed and am unashamedly proud of) to about a bazillion. When Hen and I went out to the garden to see if we could find enough to make a little salsa, I was imagining we'd find a handful or two. I was way off.

Happily, we found about a gallon of them (gallon-sized freezer bag full, that is), and were able to make enough tomatillo salsa for dinner and a jar for the pantry. I am also proud to say that Hen did most of the salsa prep all by himself...

The recipe we (loosely) followed was just a random recipe I found by googling "tomatillo salsa," and it was missing something... acidity, maybe? And it definitely needed more garlic. Happily, it looks like that giant plant of ours isn't finished yet, so we'll probably get more than one go at it!

Did I mention we also planted purple tomatillos?

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