Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Prepping the Fall Garden

Our local master gardener's association has announced that for our area, now is the time to start prepping the fall garden. Well now, after all that rain we received last week, I need to at least get out there and weed, right? And then I guess I'll need to clean up the stuff that died and dehydrated... and probably pick another round of peppers... and add my compost and chicken bedding to the beds... and... and...

OK, yeah, I guess now IS the time to start prepping the garden for fall...

...and as if on cue, as I'm making my clean-up and to-do list for our garden space, my generous neighbor pulls in to our driveway bringing an entire trailer full of rotting horse manure to share with us!

So at the end of the weekend, I am happy to say we are now in a state of "Good Enough," and that means we have managed most of the weeds, cleared out most of the spent summer plants, dead-headed most of the annuals, and have taken a giant leap towards amending the beds for our fall seeds!

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