Sunday, August 5, 2018


I woke up this morning to let the dog out, and as I was opening the front door, the cool morning breeze and orange-yellow sunlight hit me and I realized: I should be out there. So I made my coffee and I donned my grubby clothes and I went a-walkin' to check out My Outside.

Sadly, what met my eyes as I made the rounds was space after space suffering from neglect... specifically the big front flowerbed that I've been dabbling with (and will soon complete with the installation of a pond). On the far south end, my strawberry patch is dead, and closest to the front door it's knee-high weeds from boarder to window.

So guess what I spent the morning doing?

I may not be able to do much about the neglect that's creating these problems right now, but after a couple cool, shady hours this morning I'm at least feeling like I have the power to start recovering a bit from it... and walking by the window and NOT seeing weeds waving in the breeze is pretty gratifying, too!

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