Sunday, April 15, 2018

Henry's Big Room Makeover

When Audrey turned 7, we made over her room into a "Big Girl Room," and told a wistful (and a bit jealous) little brother that when he turned 7, he could have a big boy room makeover, too. Well, guess who remembered that promise?

I remembered too, however, and the day before our little guy turned the big 0-7, we descended on his room and did our best...

I didn't get any footage of his reaction, but he was completely surprised. We had to pick the kids up from school and go directly to an out-of-town family wedding as soon as we were finished, so we had to wait for him to see it all. He thought we were finished celebrating him by the end of the weekend. (I just love that he was satisfied with what he'd gotten and had no expectations at that point, my sweet little guy!)

When we got home from the wedding, we sent the kids upstairs to "unpack," and stealthily followed him up to watch him notice. It was not disappointing.

It is always a pleasure giving gifts to people who experience true gratitude, and that is my little man to a T. He is the most grateful and gracious seven-year-old you'll ever meet, and a new round of Ikea furniture could not have fallen to a better little dude.

Happy birthday, Little Brother!

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