Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Puttin' Up Zucchini

 Oh, this glorious pile of green and yellow! Look at those zucchini (green and yellow) and crookneck squash... oh how my family is tired of eating them... already! Time to start thinking about the seasons upcoming where they won't be coming out of our ears...

Today I started processing some of our summer squash (after giving away another bag full to some family friends). I'm keeping it simple for this first round and cubing/blanching/freezing them. However in my initial looking around, I found some good ideas for inspiration when the next wave comes. Check it out:

  1. Topping my list is this recipe for zucchini-pepper sweet relish. A few of my peppers are taking off, so this might happen soon
  2. I might also take a swing at zucchini pickles, if I can convince myself that the texture won't be off-putting 
  3. I really liked this little article for six ways to preserve zucchini, and that spread might win a chance at a few of my green beauties
  4. This all-purpose general article about preserving and using preserved zucchini will also be one I'm sure I'll look back up again
  5. Today, though, I started simple with this very basic blurb on how to freeze zucchini, and I have a tray of cubed squash in my chest freezer doin' their first freeze right now
I think I'll also be revisiting this recipe for zucchini bread (which everyone over here will actually eat, especially with a smear of cream cheese), and maybe a double-batch will put some in the freezer for later, too.

I'm not tired of the bounty yet, and quite frankly the steroids I'm on for the poison ivy I've had are kinda helping me tackle this mound and keep everything else up in the air at the same time, so there's always a silver lining, right? Who needs sleep, anyway?! LET'S MAKE SOME ZUCCHINI STUFF!


Yay, summer squash!

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