Monday, January 16, 2017

The New-New Garden Plan

All thoughts and plans for free time have been almost completely garden-focused lately, and it's not just me! This new garden plan has been a real team effort, and with the fresh perspective of the hubs guiding it's design, this new space is really taking shape and it's so exciting!

Our 'new' garden is going back in the same place where it was before, but it'll be a little bit bigger and there'll be one big change to the space: we're going to move the chicken coop.

At least, we're gong to try to move it. Because I've pretty much committed to a 'no-till' gardening method and since we're sticking with raised beds (probably 15-18" high), we just don't need the chickens in the garden anymore. Plus now that we have so much more space for alternative coop locations, and we've figured out the chickens prefer the woods to the pasture, we're just going to drag the coop to the west and nestle it into a little patch of woods where they can have their own yard (you know, the way we dragged the old well house back into the woods last year). With them out of the way they'll free up a great slice of our fenced-in garden space and leave behind some great fertilized soil!

 Once the chicken coop is relocated and the ground is leveled, we'll build the raised beds, put the fence back together, and start prepping soil for spring sprout babies!

We (the kids and I) sat down this past weekend when everything was foggy and gray and sketched out the plants we'll have when everything is made ready...

...and as we finished and admired our work, Audrey summed up what we're all feeling right now- she said, "I wish it was spring and we could go dig in the dirt with our tools and seeds right now!" 

Garden planning is my most favorite mid-winter activity; when those rose-colored glasses are on thoughts of the pests and the weeds and the heat are a million miles away and all we remember is the taste of that first ripe tomato... I mean, what better way is there to spend a dreary afternoon?

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