Thursday, January 12, 2017

Before and After :: Ottoman

This week I finally gave myself permission to get on with the recovering of our poor peeling ottoman. We bought it off of Craig's List the first year in our house here, and from the start it's had problems.

There was light pink sparkly nail polish on one of the corners that wasn't noticed when purchased, and some of the veneer had chipped off of one of the pull-out cup rests. Then shortly after we'd gotten it settled, the cat jumped off the top and his claws scratched the bonded leather. Unable to resist the raw edge, Bubba came along and over time slowly peeled a hand-sized patch of the leather off the cushion.

Fast-forward two more years and there are now multiple places where the leather has peeled (or been peeled) off, and two more of the little pull-out cup rests are missing veneer.

It was hurtin' for a makeover. I mean, you can only strategically pile magazines so may ways to cover up all those spots before it just starts looking ridiculous.


 Thankfully it was not difficult to disassemble, and all the parts and pieces seemed very amicable to a total novice recovererer. I found some nice upholstery fabric on sale that would compliment the tuft buttons (technical term I'm sure), and with some basic and improvised tools I gave it a go... and made a total mess of it.

Side note: I have almost zero reupholstering experience.

 I mean holy cow, those buttons are no joke. My thumbs are going to be reminding me of this process for a few days I'm sure. But guess what? It's a whole lot easier to get started the right way, which does not mean starting with those damned buttons... and this was demonstrated to me by a wise and generous friend who came right over after hearing me complain about my erroneous ways. She got right to work undoing my mistakes and making it all right, and it's true- it went so much easier when it was all corrected.

 After everything was redone properly, the rest followed like a piece of cake...


  Thanks for the help, Keri!

(I tried to get a shot of the top but there was something blocking every shot... I'll try again later...)

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