Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mid-Winter Hive Check

 During our most recent warm spell, I went out and took a quick peek in all my hives. My three main hives look like they're doing pretty well- plenty of stored food and a good population, with no obvious pest problems that this novice could spot. I've been feeding my two weaker hives since late fall, but my strongest hive I've only given a few pollen patties to (no syrup), and they might end up needing some sugar water in the next few weeks. Everyone looked stable at this point though, so I dusted everyone with powdered sugar left them to their business.

The only bad news: my little bee ball hanging out in the nuc box didn't make it though those crazy-cold nights in the teens and lower. Sad day.

Overall, though, my mid-winter hive check went well and my main little ladies look like they're doing a-ok! I've been told I just need to keep a watchful eye on their food stores in the next month or two and they'll stay in good shape for when those spring flowers start blooming... so we'll see!

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