Friday, April 29, 2016

Special Suits

A sweet and generous friend of mine made both my kiddos little bee suits, and today we got to test one of them out. We topped the homemade suit off with a veil and gloves from a supplier, and we headed out to "help" requeen and split hives. Hen never batted an eye, never swatted a bee, and had the most ridiculously adorable casual attitude as the bees flew all around.

He clearly had faith in his getup.

On the way back home he talked about the "awesome-amazing bees" and the "sticky stuff everywhere (propolis)" and how hot it was in his suit... well, you can't win everything. It was very humid.

He's now looking forward to the arrival of our own bees *almost* as much as his Mama...

...and he can't wait to wear his special suit again!


  1. Oh how fabulous- he looks very comfy and what a fabulous way to learn about bees!

    1. Thank you! My Mama-heart was overflowing from his happy attitude and eagerness to see what all the 'buzz' was about (har har)!

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