Thursday, April 21, 2016

Peace and Suspicious Quiet

Anyone with little kids in their lives knows that sudden pit-of-your-stomach fear and paranoia that comes from realizing your kids have gotten waaaaaaaaaaay too quiet.

In my short parenting career I've found that suspicious silence enveloping everything from the complete unraveling of rolls and rolls of toilet paper or every kind of art on every kind of forbidden surface, to more serious stuff like helping little brother reach the peanut butter and then also helping him cover himself in it.

But most recently, after realizing once again that the kids done gone quiet, I found this...

...and this gave me another deep-down feel, but in the deepest part of my Mama heart. What an awesome, welcome silence to behold.

Ssssssssssoooooooo much better than finding, say, rainbow mustaches where mustaches never should be.


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