Monday, May 18, 2015

Right Now

(The last two photos are by my father-in-law)

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a stormy Friday night with two Littles sleeping straight through, and a Saturday morning clear-ish and dry.
...a little primping with my increasingly fancy girl.
...a quick breakfast, a meal prepared and packed, and a trip down to be with our mothers for a belated Mother's Day lunch.
...time with our families, cheesecake and coffee, and a gift of a life's worth of the most amazing vintage patterns, and even a few yards of vintage fabric, too!
...a lazy Sunday, a little making with beads, paint, and fabric, and the chance to plant a few trees before bath time.
...lots and lots of new mosquito bites, despite our homemade bug-deterring spray.
...our first green bean harvest, a few baby carrots and zucchini to go with them, and 36 hours without rain in which to hunt for them all!

Right now I'm attempting to balance all the things that need to be done inside with all the things that need to be done outside- before it rains again (it's supposed to start up again tonight or tomorrow). So far I've gotten the groceries taken care of, the chickens out in their tractor and their coop cleaned out with fresh sand and bedding under their roosts... and now I'm going to finish a little sewing before nap time is over and the girl comes home!

Wishing all a productive day! Happy Monday. 

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  1. Sorry your mosquito spray didn't work I use a very extraordinary insect repellent that has made my outside adventures extremely enjoyable. let me know if your interested. I admire your adventurous spirit.