Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden, May 6th

We got a nice little spot of rain last night, and this morning is still gray (and humid). I thought it would probably make for some nice light for a little walk through the garden to check on things.

You might have noticed the stones in the pathways- we recently fixed up our sidewalk, and these are the stones that made up the quite broken and uneven old version. Waste not, want not, right? Now my next undertaking is piled up on top of them: soaker hose! 

The welcome and unusual amounts of rain we've had so far this season have made for some very happy plants out there! My perennial herb bed is going crazy, and despite what is supposed to be true about catmint (vs. catnip) my cat can't seem to resist stopping by those purpley flowers.

Our hollyhocks have finally bloomed (they were planted last spring!), and there are new blooms everywhere now- our beans, tomatoes, squash, and sadly many of our greens, too, have all put out their flowers.

Speaking of squash, wow have we gotten some squash bug attention lately. I try to keep up a patrol and pick/squish them on sight, but I feel like they will be a pretty significant force this year.

Oh, and this morning I noticed our baby basil is up!

Aaaand my last stop as usual was a quick check on my grape vine, which has fresh new leaves and maybe an extra inch on it's main vine. Yessss!

I always have to remind myself not to get my hopes too high, for right around the corner is a summer waiting to steam, bake, and fry everything thriving out in my garden space right now... but when stuff looks this lush it's hard not to wonder if maybe this year will be an exception... Wouldn't that be nice?

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  1. I saw your comment on SouleMama this morning. I garden in Texas too and had to stop by and see your garden. It looks beautiful. The rain has been amazing this spring, hopefully the summer won't be too bad. We can hope, right?