Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Working in the Garden

Spring- in all it's frantic, exploding glory- has arrived in our backyard, unpacked, and announced it's staying for a while. I have to put on blinders and practically sit on my hands to keep myself from rushing outside as soon as my feet touch the ground in the morning (and admittedly, there are definitely inside-type things that are being a little neglected despite my best efforts). I can't deny it, though: I'd rather be outside working in the garden than anywhere else right now.

It's not helping that the garden chores are beginning to assert themselves, either. While it was a piece of cake to fertilize, prep, and plant seeds in a single focused weekend, there are other things that require persistence, patience, and timing... and when the contagious mood outside is screaming go go go! it is quite a humble reminder that life must focus on working toward balance.  

So as I can I'm fitting slow, meditative projects between more urgent things like transplanting, weeding, and mulching. One such project that I've started is beginning a stone path at the southernmost gate. It is definitely slow-going, but I really enjoy it, and it helps me calm my mind in the midst of the springtime frenzy around me.

Oh my goodness, would I love to take this stone patchwork through all the garden paths!

Little by little, I'll get there. One stone at a time............

When we hunger for more instant gratification, there's always the decomposed hay bedding that was in the chicken house all winter long, waiting patiently in a pile to be spread for mulch, and there's the newly emerged sproutlings to be thinned.

Lucky for me good help is always nearby.

We are immersed in the work of the season, like every other neighbor and friend at the moment, and I have a feeling that we're not the only ones thrilled about it.

Welcome Spring, we're so glad you're here.

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