Monday, March 9, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...trying to stay psyched for Audrey's first school field trip with only school people, no Mama tagging along (it's cool, she can handle it, she's totally got this.......*gulp*).
...looking forward to a second award ceremony tonight honoring Audrey and a few of her peers who have art pieces progressing into the state-level competition of the 'Reflections' art contest.
...realizing we're nearing the one-year anniversary of becoming chicken keepers! Has it really been that long since they were just little fluff balls living in our guest bath, mucking up the place?
...stretching my gardeners' arms and legs as the snow melts away and the sun promises to make a better show of it this coming week! I planted some flower seeds this weekend in the brief sunny afternoon we got on Saturday, and am looking forward to more time this week to get the beds back in shape!
...wondering how much I should try to schedule and how much I should try to keep open for Audrey's first spring break, kicking off next week.
...searching for the perfect way to use a gorgeous pint of raw cream my parents brought us this weekend. Creme brulee? Maybe... cream cheese? Maybe... simple whipped cream on anything and everything? I'm liking the sound of that!
...feeling a touch of that giddy, almost manic energy that is always the beginning of spring fever around these parts! Time to start purging, cleaning, and turning our energies to our outdoor spaces!
...loving that I'm not the only one feeling Spring pulling and tugging at me right now, and knowing that I'll have a helper or two in whatever I end up doing with that extra energy!

Right now the mornings are back to being dark (have I ever said how much I hate time changes?), the evenings are back to lingering a little longer at the end of the day, and all around us things are waking up.

Wishing all a pull and a tug into an energetic kickoff to the week. Happy Monday!

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