Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden, March 31st

We've found ourselves out in our garden space for at least a few hours every day as the weather has permitted these past few weeks. With hands up to the wrists in dirt, it makes it hard to take photos... and without a few photos, it makes it hard to write current posts about what we've been doing out there!

BUT- this weekend we took a walk through the garden (we being me and my camera), and I'm happy to report that I found a little evidence for all that work slowly emerging!

I had to kick off the gardening season with some serious work on the rocks around the beds... erosion swallowed up almost all of them, and you could hardly tell where the paths ended and the beds began. I still need to re-mulch the paths before the weeds fully awaken, but I may already be too late for that.......

This year in our garden, we're trying for:

4 types of bush beans
(Rocquencourt wax, Borlotto "Tongues of Fire", purple teepee, and Dragon Tongue)
Black Beauty and Golden zucchinis
3 types of beets
(Chioggia, Golden, and Shiraz tall-top)
3 types of carrots
(Amarillo, Chantenay red, and Atomic Red)
Mixed orach
Sweet yellow onions
Swiss chard
Several varieties of tomatoes
Eggplants (from seed this year for the first time!)
Sweet bell peppers
Various lettuces
NEW- Thompson seedless grapes!
Various flowers
Various herbs

I especially love the early days right after planting seeds, when there's so much excitement and anticipation with every visit to the garden- maybe there will be something new sprouting! Maybe that obscure, heirloom, or rare seed we took a chance on will germinate this year! Maybe that patch of unidentified sprouts in the corner will reveal themselves to be a self-seeded, volunteer treasure! 

I also love when I remember to take a few photos when everything is still so small... because if all goes well, our beds will soon unfurl into a full, unruly, and productive garden jungle!

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  1. It all looks very spick and span! And your planting list is mouthwatering! I'm growing garlic and onions and maybe some carrots - I have to decide what to plant once the daffs finish!