Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summery Things

We may be in the last handful of August days, but around these parts that doesn't mean much as far as summer is concerned. It won't start feeling like autumn for quite a while yet, and we're still in our move-slowly-stay-inside-it's-too-hot-to-do-much rut.

The only thing that has changed recently is our timing; now that school considerations are in play, we find ourselves saving some of our usual summery things for when Sissy comes back home. Like sprinklers... on the shady side of the house... with a little brother who tries to stay as close to his sister as possible as soon as she walks back through the door.

We always welcome fall with open arms each season, but this year we're feelin' fine about the summer lingering as it always does. At least this time around, it feels like we still need a little more sun-baked, barefoot, shaded moments before we move along.

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