Thursday, August 21, 2014

Change is Hard.

We're in the middle of a countdown over here.

Audrey is counting down to the first day she gets to use her backpack, lunch box, and new shoes.
The first day she gets to have all the special snacks we've been stashing.
The music, art, and playground time she'll get to have every day, and her special dual-language classes.
The new friends she'll make.

Henry is counting down to when he finally gets to start gymnastics.
The time he'll get to spend playing with whatever he wants without competition.
The chance to "ride Sissy's Jeep and tricycle whenever I want!"

I, on the other hand, am counting down to some slightly different things.
Having to drop one of my Littles off and trust their well-being to the hands of- basically- strangers.
The influences of other childrens' habits, behaviors, and vocabularies on our new student... and her bro.
The shift in morning routine, afternoon 'quiet time,' and bedtime rituals.
The letting go.

The kids are restless and edgy right now, I'm sure in part from the feelings they sense and the anticipation from everyone around them as the start of the school year looms. It helps to remind me that there will also be good that comes from this change: one-one-one time with Mama and Henry, separation of siblings for hearts to grow fonder, other strong-willed leader-type kids to teach Audrey that she's not the ruler of the universe. (and of course all the learning and stuff, too)

This August has felt like one thing after the other every. single. day. There has be lots of errands, travel, making, prepping, meetings, parties, and visitors. There have been unconquerable to-do lists and things simply left undone. There have been things neglected and new things started, and as August draws to a close and we get over the hump of ending the summer, the month, and starting the school year, hopefully things will calm down for us all and we'll find a new, adjusted rhythm.

Until then I have doubled my efforts to focus in on all the simple, magical moments in the remaining days of our 'usual,' capture them, savor them, and try my darndest not to let them speed by with the chaos of this transitional time.

Change is hard, y'all.

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