Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seeking Rhythm

School Day #2 is in the books.

Audrey's teacher says she has really "come out of her shell," and has already blown the socks off everyone. Audrey's reports when she comes home are all smiles and sparkles and excitement.

"What was your favorite part?" I ask.

"Art class." or "Music and recess." she says.

"What part did you like the least?" I ask.

"Nothing." she says.

She tells me about the parts of her lunch she liked best, and how many grapes she ate. She says she's glad there are teachers that help her through the parking lot to our car when it's time to go home. She says she doesn't go potty until the teacher declares it time for a potty break.

The relief of a good start has brought more tears to my Mama eyes than the letting go did in the beginning.

But now that the seal is broken and we have some momentum, it's time to find a new rhythm. Everything is totally off kilter at the moment.

We get up an hour earlier than we're used to.

We loose an hour off Henry's nap time so we can pick Sissy up, and when Sissy gets home it becomes obvious that we are in desperate need for a decompression plan.

We also need to start going to bed earlier.

Side note: how is it possible that I'm up and dressed earlier than usual now, but I seem to run out of time to get things done... worse than before? 

Anyway, my point is we need a new rhythm. One that allows for the comforts of home- time outside, in the garden and with the chickies, time to make, time to clean (!), time to be- and also leaves room for all this newness. On the verge of a seasonal change as well, it seems like a very zen moment to re-evaluate and adapt.

And so we will.

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