Monday, September 9, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...4-yr-old kinetic energy, all weekend long

...the way this guy still fits his whole body in my lap when he hurts.

...butterflies and a tutu first thing Saturday morning.

...a birthday party full of friends and family, for the hubs.

...the way this guy's body can spread out almost the entire length of mine
when he's feeling good.

...throwing a head of garlic in the oven every time it's hot, and then using roasted garlic in everything all weekend long.

...visiting the neighbors.

...excited faces when cinnamon rolls await sleepy kiddos
the morning after a late night. 
Right now we are in recovery mode after a weekend that felt twice as long as it actually was- in the best way. We'll be putting things back together, catching up on missed naps and way-too-late bedtimes, and smiling every time we think about the fun we had.

Hoping there is something for everyone to smile about as we start the week. Happy Monday.

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