Sunday, September 1, 2013

Before and After




Oh, am I glad that's over. What a dusty, messy, hectic week!


We are in the process of putting everything back together... baseboards back on walls, potties back in bathrooms, furniture just back.

The big stuff on our to-do list is slowly being crossed off, and soon there will be more fun things to do... like flesh out our decor! Hunt for the perfect game table chairs, replacement ottoman, and art for the family room! Find my potted kumquat tree (that's right, I want a kumquat tree... in a giant pot... in my living room)! Maybe even start working on Christmas gift projects!

But for now it's full attention on the projects at hand and underway, even though they may not be that photogenic or interesting. Hopefully with their resolution will come a more settled and rested spirit and the creativity that feels so drained and lacking at the moment.

Little steps.

We'll get there.


  1. Beautiful! Keep plugging. It's all worth it when you do it yourselves! (As you know!)