Monday, September 16, 2013

Right Now

"Our Pillow Party for Mimmy and Pappy and Daddy"

Right now, I'm...

...watching steam rise from freshly boiled eggs, highlighted by the sunlight coming through the window, and feeling overwhelmed by how much beauty there can be in everyday things (and surprising myself at how optimistic I apparently am this morning).
...finding less beauty in the condition of the floor after this past weekends' activities (ah, there's my cynicism again).
...hoping I'll get a share of the first round of this season's fall apples from the co-op come registration time this afternoon!
...feeling over the moon with a simple little "invitation" made by my smart girl this weekend (see photo caption for translation). She sounded out, spelled, and wrote the whole thing by herself, no help. *tear*
...finding myself completely absorbed in a new-to-me series, and staying up way too late cramming just one more episode into the evening before turning in (if you've seen it, no spoilers, and I know I know I'm a little behind the times). for some upholstered chairs for around our new dining table.
...worrying way too much (or not enough?) about a mountain lion sighting at the neighbor's house... at four in the afternoon... and wondering exactly what I could even do about it.
...loving how much help there was around the house this weekend, despite the fact that it was just the four of us for the majority of it (also loving that the 'help' got my car all spiffed up while they were at it!).

This Monday is kicking off with a little restless energy around the house... maybe there's a change in the weather coming... maybe I'll finally gather the momentum I need to start all the Christmas projects I want to accomplish in the next- gasp- 99 days... or maybe we'll all just drive each other crazy. Who knows?

Here's to a positive spin on restless energy! Happy Monday.

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