Monday, March 4, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...seeking all the comforts of home and looking for balance from an incredibly stressful weekend.
...hoping for some good news, or at least some resolution, at some point today.
...finishing up the first round of a new recipe I'm working on- Giant Breakfast Cookies- and looking forward to making a second batch with the tweaks I've made, so I can share the recipe in this space!
...listening to family sniffles all around. Ugh, allergies.
...feeling little tingles of spring fever as I watch our peas grow, our seeds sprout, and our garden beds start to green.
...adding the soundtrack from the Life of Pi to my current favorites.
...loving the dreams and planning that are always inspired by the warm sunshine of almost-spring.

This Monday, it will be a struggle for me to stay focused and present, but the prospect of some peace is close on the horizon, and I will be clinging to that to keep me grounded. May we all find peace at the beginning of this week. Happy Monday.

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