Monday, September 10, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...still smiling at the success of the birthday plans made for my love, and the amount of effort his daughter put in to her part in them.
...once again humbled at the amount of joy that my kiddos find in balloons, no matter the occasion (or the amount). some of our favorite seasonal books to start making to-do and craft lists for the none-too-soon arrival of my favorite season (topping the list are herbed vinegars and maize dollies honoring the harvest, found in Festivals, Family, and Food, a garden/harvest journal inspired by The Rhythm of Family, and some fun plans for honoring the first day of fall).
...marveling at the 13-hour transition between a record-breaking 104-degree evening and the chilly 68-degree morning that followed.
...clinging to the coziness of these chilly mornings with all of us together lingering over hot tea, fresh pancakes, bacon, and silly Sister stories.
...loving the energizing feeling that comes from this dry, crisp air, and the tangibility that Autumn suddenly seems to have.

Right now, talk of fall is wafting through my house with the breezes from the open windows, and if you listen closely, you might also hear an excited girl talking about what comes with the change in seasons... *ahem, rainbow birthday party, ahem*. Wishing all an energized beginning to the week. Happy Monday.

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