Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Stubborn Than Summer

We've been talking about it for weeks- the first official day of Autumn- and it finally arrived. Yes, my favorite season, arriving on a day when our highs are in the mid-90s, seemingly just to argue that it is not Fall at all... in fact, stubborn Summer seems be quite comfortable riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight where it is... still.

Too bad for Summer, though, because I happen to be even more stubborn.

So despite the heat and intense (albeit lessening) sunlight, we did a little decorating with some foraged Osage oranges and acorns. We made a sweet potato pie (a growing autumnal equinox tradition). We talked about the upcoming holidays for this very festive, meditative, energetic-yet-winding-down season. We read It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown for the first time this calendar year at bedtime. We eyed the cattails and plotted their demise (this chick of ours loves to see those fluffy seeds fly!). And Mama's highlight of the day? The first box of apples, all 38 pounds of them, fragrant, crisp, and marked for butter and sauce, made their appearance in our kitchen this morning, straight from the co-op.

As I sit, a big pot simmers away the first batch of chopped up autumnal orbs, which will swiftly be put through the food mill, poured into the crock pot, and simmered all night with spices and honey for a straight-to-the-bones fall-is-here wake-up call in the morning!

Welcome, Fall... it may not seem like you're really here, but I believe in you... and I missed you.

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