Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Mores

This week, we've been a little off... we (or I guess I should say I) spend the whole summer pining for this cool weather... thinking of all the things we'll do when our feet don't burn walking on anything the sun has touched... but then we get an arctic blast that takes our temps from the 70's to the 30's, and suddenly everyone wants to be back inside! It's funny, really- I have a to-do list that could quite possibly rival Santa's this time of year, but how quickly it is forgotten when the wind is howling and the fire is crackling!

Yes, I can easily think of 101 things I should do with this time spent fireside in the early dark of late autumn, but when there are two kiddos to consider when spending that time, one activity jumps up to the top of the list: S'mores!

When I told Audrey that we would make S'mores after dinner, she really didn't seem understand the implication, but she steered the conversation to the post-meal activity every chance she got. "Mama, yawanna get ready for Some Mores?" Then, "Let's get things we need for Some Mores... yawanna get Some Mores stuff out?" And shortly after, "Henny wants Some Mores, too, Mama, don't you think we should?" I'm not sure if she remembers her first encounter with the fireside treat, but it was obvious I'd peaked her interest, don't you think?

It didn't take long for her to not only make her own sweet sandwich, but inhale it, then launch into the makings of a second. In her excitement, though, she did not forget her Little Brother, and for each bite she took, she pinched off a piece, handed it to me, and said, "Here, Mama, share this with Brother." Love.

It was a good night for forgetting the to-do list. It was a good night for shrugging off the crummies (oh, so many crummies) sprinkling everything between the fireplace and the coffee table... and it was a good night for S'mores. In fact, I think we may all need Some More very soon.

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