Monday, December 19, 2011

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

How naturally and easily my babies play by themselves and with each other

Reminding myself that, despite the holiday rush, it is still autumn... at least for a few more days

Taking moments to breathe and just be

I've been reflecting on this crazy time of year recently, and I've been chewing on a persistent, tantalizing thought: Maybe one of the reasons why some people find themselves out-of-sorts around the holidays is because civilized society on the whole has become out-of-sorts with the rhythm of the natural world around them. As the earth seems to slow down, turn inward, and begin preparations for the cold slumber of winter, the commercial world around us seems to ramp up, become more hectic and chaotic, and starts slamming us with BUYBUYBUYBAKETRAVELSOCIALIZE! 

To keep pace with our neighbors, we pack more and more into our schedules, despite our internal calendars telling us to slow down, find peace, and move slowly through our days. I think this internal discord can play a big part in an empty, let-down feeling after the holidays and celebrations pass. Almost like you've been cheated out of something, and you almost feel... jaded? Bummed? Spent? All might be true if all of your energy has been spent beating out a forced rhythm against the natural pace around you. 

Something I've also found to be true about myself: the more I pack into the holiday rush (planning, prepping, doing), the faster it seems to go by, and the more abruptly and profoundly I feel it's absence in the aftermath. Sadly, that's part of adulthood, and maybe that's why our childhood memories seem to know no time, and memories of recent seem to have been made in the blink of an eye. 

As I chew this over, I'm also consistently drawn to a simple conclusion (it is easier said than done, but worth saying multiple times): the effort spent in slowing down, clearing mental schedules, and focusing on a few moments daily, to feel present amidst it all, is well worth it. 

And so on this, the beginning of Christmas week, may we all redirect just a wee bit of that frantic energy into a moment here or there that can be soaked up and remembered in childhood time, and treasured always. Happy Monday.


  1. Where did you get those awesome instruments?!? I got MV a xylophone for Christmas but I need more!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. They are Melissa & Doug, which has an amazing line of Waldorf-ish quality toys, and you can find them on :)