Monday, December 5, 2011

Homemade Pizza

To do homemade pizza right, you need three things: good cheese, a good crust recipe, and weather cool enough to justify the oven cranked up to 475 degrees. Today, we had all of the above, and the appetite to boot, so guess what we made for dinner?

It's amazing what kinds of things come up when you're making pizza with a three-year-old...
-"Sometimes big girls like olive oil on their pizzas."
-"Mama, you can have seventeen olips (olives) and I can have seven. No six. Because I want two."
-"We can make pizzas because when it's cold outside Henny doesn't want to go to a restaurant."
-"Mama, doyaant to make a pizza for Leeloo Shneeloo? She doesn't like leftovers."

Tonight we made pizza, tomorrow, we'll probably make something else. I am blessed with a sidekick who likes to do everything I do, and I take full advantage of it. I know she's learning life lessons and developing her own culinary skills... it doesn't hurt that I'm getting memories to last forever at the same time... and I hope she is, too...

...I can at least rest assured that she's getting some good pizza out of the whole thing. And a little pride, confidence, and investment in her dinner.

*Our crust recipes come from this book, which also provides the recipes for 99% of the bread we make

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