Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take That, Wascally Wabbits!

Oh, those furry foes, those cute, fuzzy vermin that- upon sighting them for the very first time, caused such excitement- now cause such anxiety, are bested! Yes! Bested, you might ask? Oh yes. By a crafty Hubby and father-in-law, as a matter-of-fact. The rabbit fence, my friends, is now encircling our humble plantings, and I must say, things are looking up!

Thank you, three-day weekend and crafty, handy helpers! Perhaps a fall garden is actually within reach this year...

Did someone say photo montage? OK!

Despite over-100-degree temps one day, and 40-mph wind gusts another day, these guys put up a very sturdy, subtle, effective fence that will last, look nice, and most importantly keep those furry jerks out of our garden for years to come. Now, we can plan and plant without a care!

Well, almost without a care. Happy slightly-cooler-weather gardening!

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