Friday, September 2, 2011

Little Mr. Man

I thought it apt to write an ode to this 21-week-old person who has so thoroughly settled in to his roles as Son, Little Brother, Baby of the Family, and Awesomeness.

It has been an amazing privilege to get to know this little guy day by day as he grows and reveals his sweet, loving personality. What a lucky family we are. So, without further adieu, an Ode to Henny-B, in the form of the Top Ten Things I Love About Henry... So Far.

10. His sweet, loving, happy disposition, which he demonstrates every morning as he happily lays awake in bed, waiting for Mama to come pick him up. As soon as I come in to his line of sight, I am always, always greeted with the biggest toothless grin you can imagine.

9. His amazing growth spurts. Seriously, this kid is uncharted territory for me, as we all know, since Sister weighed what he weighs now when she was 14 months old!

8. The loving expressions that almost always dwell in his eyes and on his face. The best faces come from watching Sister do... well, almost anything.

7. His clumsy hand-eye coordination, and the things he reaches for. Among my favorites: Sister's feet, my hair, the cat, and books. All with the intent of getting them in to his mouth.

6. His babbling, which sounds like he's trying ever-so-hard to say real words. Also, the sincere, earnest expression that goes along with it.

5. How content he is, as long as he feels like he's not alone.

4. How gassy he is. (hey, I never said all the things I love about him right now are all poetic)

3. His nightly bath time performances as Henny Flatley, Lord of the Bath.

2. His rolls, and rolls, and rolls, and rolls...

1. How perfectly he completed our family, and how he truly made us feel like our cups runneth over.

A close-up as Henry attempts to gum the camera

This list will be ever-changing, with each version finding a soft spot in my heart. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us... Oh, Henry, you are truly an amazing Little Mr. Man.

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  1. Well said! And as wonderfully perfect that Audrey is... It's fun that Henry is not a duplicate! Gramps and Grammy are truly addicted to these munchkins:-)