Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Autumn Welcome

We've spent the last week and a half or so talking about the way the seasons change, what signs accompany each change, and which season was imminently approaching. We've been talking about holidays, too. One of the things that really sunk in to my Little Sponge was the shapes of cookie cutters that correspond to the seasons and/or holidays. In our discussions about summer and fall, Mama promised that the first day of autumn would bring leaf- and pumpkin-shaped cookies. You know what? That little girl did not forget that promise. So when that first official day rolled around, you better believe we cracked out the butter, butter, sugar, flour, and butter, and we went to town! (we used our favorite sugar cookie recipe, found here)

I wanted to include a picture of her eating one of these colorful confections, but she was gobbling them up too fast to get a clear picture!

We had a good time cutting out acorns, leaves, and pumpkins, and when we were done, this Sister was well on her way to making fall her favorite season... just like her Mama.  

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