Tuesday, April 19, 2011


An upside to Henry being so late was all the time I was afforded to get my garden going. Granted, there was a significant obstacle in my way every time I bent over to pull a weed or plant a seed, but it's paying off now! Sunday evening, we went out to inspect the green and leafy tangles and rows, and discovered many of our beets were ready to come up! There was a little girl amongst the greens that was all too eager to help, and by the time we were heading back to the house, her little garden basket was so full she could barely carry it! Oh, the bounty of spring!

Peach tree, garden, and Leeloo

Beans, beets, onions, lettuce... oh my!

Beautiful leaves in the evening sun


The sweetest gardener there ever was

Ready for some pickin'

Gathering beets

Lugging in the harvest

Here's to time outside, growing things, bugs and sun and the tasty fruits of labor! Oh, happy spring!

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