Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creative Juices Flowin'

I'll never get tired of kid art, and at the rate Audrey's going, it seems she won't tire of making it. We painted with a paint brush for the first time the other day, and this afternoon we did it again, though she got her hands workin' just as hard as her cheap little brush. We love Crayola's washable kids' paint, and lemme tell you- it really does wash out. That means Audrey can go Pollock on her paints and Mama doesn't even break a sweat!

 The Little Artiste

Audrey loading her brush


After discarding the paintbrush

Painted everything

Audrey enjoyed the paint on her hands as much as she enjoyed the paint on the paper

"Boo hans!"

The last work of art and the aftermath

The smell of this paint reminds me of kindergarten... 


Audrey obviously doesn't have trouble producing, so now Mama needs to find a way to store and save all these beautiful keepsakes and treasures! I love my little artist! 

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