Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Morning

This morning I woke up, turned on the sprinkler (the only thing between my plants and total wilt oblivion), and started wondering, 'Mother Nature, aren't you tired of these 100+ degree days yet?' In other parts of the country, parents and children alike are clinging to the last weeks of summer with desperation, dreading the changing of leaves and shortening of days that signal the coming of autumn and winter. Here, however, we do the opposite. It is so miserable and hot in the midst of these summers that we are trapped inside as much as if there were a total white-out blizzard raging at our windows. The only relief and chance to explore and enjoy the yards, parks, and wide wide wonders out the back door comes when summer is finally exhausted! 

However, if one is early to rise, there is a small window of opportunity to go outside and stretch your legs without having a heat stroke. As often as possible, we take advantage of that window, despite the other great things that come with Texas summers (like fire ants, chiggers, humidity, and mosquitoes, to name a few...). This morning, I remembered to grab my camera as we headed out the door. 

Audrey hits the ground running

Laughing at Leeloo

Bare feet on grass

Running between sun and shade

Audrey discovers Leeloo's "Lil House"

Perfect size

"Ah see oo!"

Climbing out

Examining "flowers"

Audrey blows on the "flower" like a dandelion


Audrey's "Flah-wer Boo-tay"

Mornings outside are something we look forward to (sometimes Audrey even asks to go outside before she's even out of her crib in the morning), and when the weather cools off, we will look forward to spending all day exploring, learning, and appreciating. 

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