Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun with Jennifer and Ethan

On Friday, Jennifer and Ethan came down to spend the afternoon with us. Jennifer and I figured out that the last time Audrey and Ethan had been in the same room together, Audrey hadn't started crawling yet, and Ethan could barely sit up on his own. That is far too long, especially since they're supposed to be getting to know each other (and falling in love, since we joke that they're betrothed...)! To remedy this problem, we arranged a playdate, and I can honestly say it wasn't just Audrey and Ethan that had a good time... it was really good to see Jennifer, too!

Audrey plays ball while waiting on Ethan to arrive
(she had a great time chasing the kitty, too)


Ethan and Audrey get right down to business, and do a pretty darn good job of sharing toys, too

Happy Mr. Ethan

Lunch time

After lunch and naps, a trip to the park

Audrey stretches her hammies before heading to the gym (jungle gym, that is)

Audrey takes her "tik" and pokes the "wrok"

Destined to be at least good friends

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  1. Oh HOW CUTE! Can't wait to see yall!!! :( Its been too long!!!