Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Audrey's Playground

Audrey is one lucky little girl. This past weekend, it was decided and agreed upon that Audrey should have a few elements of a playground at her disposal, so Gramps and Pappy assembled with Daddy and set to work on phase one: the swing set. They were actually able to crank out a really nice swing set frame out of cedar in an afternoon, and attach the boat swing that Audrey got for her birthday from Grammy and Gramps.

The swing set gets Audrey's "Weeeee!" of approval (photo by Linda Ware)

The unoccupied finished product

While the guys assembled the swing set, Grammy, Mimmy, and I went to Costco where we stumbled on the last of the pre-made sandboxes. Everyone pitched in, and the following day Daddy had a new project...

Naturally, it's the windiest and chilliest day of the weekend when assembly begins

The directions claimed this was a 2 person job, but Kyle did it all on his own

Despite the terrible directions, a shape takes form...

Getting closer...

Finishing touches


The next day, Audrey checks it out, heading straight for the shovels

Next, a beeline for dirt (we haven't filled the sandbox yet)

Getting a closer look

Audrey figures out the edges are the perfect hight for sittin' ("Aaaaaah")

She sits on every side

Happy baby

Digging out the other sand toys

Audrey's sandbox and swing set turned out great, and all are just the right size... what a lucky girl she is! Now, bring on the nice weather!

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