Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Escape to Mimmy and Pappy's

This past weekend, Kyle had a LAN party, and amidst the 8 computers and their cords and corresponding gamers, there wasn't a lot of play room for Audrey, so we escaped to Mimmy and Pappy's on Saturday.

Sleeping Beauty

Audrey had tossed and turned all night Friday night, and was pretty tired by the time she woke up... at 6am. We got up at 7am, did our usual morning routine, were on the road by 9am, and she was out by about 9:15... and who could blame her? Thankfully, Mimmy had hot coffee and an amazing breakfast waiting for us when we got down to Cleburne. After breakfast, we danced to XM Radio while Pappy did the dishes, put Audrey down for her nap, and afterwards, headed outside...

Audrey zeros in on the messiest thing on the portch

You can't tell by the pics, but before the cameras made it outside, she was kinda skittish about digging in the wet dirt

In no time, Audrey was up to her elbows and loving it


Audrey figures out how really, really wet dirt will splatter

No matter how far away I moved, she found me

She tasted it, then thought I should, too

The final product

After digging out a decent amount of bricks and dirt, we decided it was time to get cleaned up and to start thinking about dinner! Alas, I had cleaned out the diaper bag a few weeks prior, and had realized the spare clothes in said bag were way too small for her... and had never replaced them. SO, while Pappy washed her outfit, Mimmy and I gave her a bath, and while we waited on the dryer, we rigged an outfit from an elastic headband and an old t-shirt. Audrey looked like a Grecian cherub.

The outfit from the back: Audrey lounges in the sun

Headstands with Mimmy

Side view of shirt-dress

Playing with Mimmy's keys

Hair slowly drying...

Hangin' with Mimmy and Pappy

Enjoying the scruffies on Pappy's face

Audrey's clothes ended up drying just in time to slip them back on, pack up, and head out to dinner. We stopped at a restaurant in Alvarado that had a live band made up of old men and older instruments, but they kept Audrey enthralled through the entire meal. We arrived back home just in time for Daddy to give Audrey a bath, put on her pj's, and tuck her in to bed. It was a nice little getaway for us, and it was even nicer spending a whole day with Mimmy and Pappy!

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