Wednesday, November 4, 2020

This Weekend's Accident

 So this happened on Sunday:

While playing outside, Audrey attempted to jump over the outdoor furniture covers, tripping over a fold and falling face-first onto the concrete patio. She bruised her elbow, her nose... and broke her front tooth. Today we had it fixed... 

...and now she's feeling much better... 

...thanks to the fact that Henry thought to go outside and find the broken piece of tooth for his poor Sissy. The dentist was able to soak the chip in some kind of a solution over night and bond it back to her tooth today. It will always be a weak spot, but he did a dang good job, and it should last her well into her young adult life and beyond, depending on how she cares for it.

I am so relieved that this is all it took to get her fixed up. I think she is just relieved that she didn't have to have a shot or a root canal!

Remember when this happened the first time?

And then remember when it happened again, but we just let it be?

I hope my girl is just getting all her tooth stuff out of the way early, and we're done now (except for braces, because we all know that's looming)! Thank goodness we found a good dentist!

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