Monday, November 30, 2020

Right Now


Right now, I'm...

...finally getting the last of the fancy dishes washed, dried, & stacked away.
...feeling irritated at Amazon, who lost our order of matching wine glasses and forced us to piece-meal our glassware for our Thanksgiving feast (boo-hoo).
...struggling to find new things to do with all 335 green tomatoes that came in over the weekend ahead of our first freeze! So far I've done some blanched whole (small) tomatoes for the freezer, a roasted green tomato salsa, some more roasted green tomatoes for a green enchilada sauce for dinner tonight, and a big pot of green tomato sauce ready for the canner. I still have 75 tomatoes to go.
...loving being in the kitchen with my budding pastry chef during his first attempt at eclairs- 95% made by himself- featuring a real pâte à choux, milk chocolate pastry cream, and Nutella on top. 
...feeling a bit of a leaning towards maybe starting to think about pulling out some Christmas decorations, even though it is the most beautiful, crisp, clear, chilly fall day ever.

Right now we're pulling on sweatshirts, pulling out soup recipes, and probably putting on some Christmas music, because it's almost December and we're ready! Wishing all a beautiful Monday! 

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