Tuesday, June 9, 2020

In the Garden :: June 9th

This week has felt like full-blown summer, and although most of my plants haven't succumbed to that reality yet, it's right around the corner, I'm sure. I can only really spend mornings and evenings out there these days because any other time of day suffocates me, so this morning I slipped out to document the green-before-the-browning. Here's what's going on out in the garden...

Our beans are going strong, mostly yellow bush and dragon's tongue

The desi summer squash are coming in despite their early stink bug infestation

We've also had a great start with our dragon's egg cukes... enough to share with the guinea pigs!

Magical carrot flowers

The first long bean vine to make it to the top of a trellis

A stunted 'muncher' cucumber

Sweet corn!

The giant monster taking-over-everything pumpkin I didn't plant

Lots of green tomatoes, but only a few have turned red so far

My bed of greens and zinneas that has turned into my bed of just zinneas
I think I've come to terms with only going out there in the cool of the morning or evening, and it hasn't been too hard, really, because in that golden light before it turns to the Eye of Sauron, everything is just so dang pretty. It's still my happy place.

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