Sunday, May 10, 2020


This is a photo of my mama. It is one of my most favorite photos of her, and it has long since bonded to the surface of the glass in this frame so I can't take it out to scan it and do it justice in this space.

But it matters not, it is still a beautiful photo.

I took this photo of her when I was probably in early high school- maybe a sophomore? I don't remember the circumstances or why I felt compelled to take this photo... I don't know if I recognized then what I was capturing, or if what she was making was special. Looking at it now, however, I am so glad I snuck up on her and stole this snapshot in this moment. It's so perfectly representative of my mom... wild hair kinda pulled back, sleeves rolled up and bare hands working on something homemade, and if I had to guess, there was probably music playing, too.

I love the cream sweater, the white flowers, the white vase, the cream candles... I love the lighting and how you can see her collection of special things on the windowsill in the background (something she still does to this day). I love the look on her face- peaceful, focused, confident in the task at hand.

But that's my mom in all the things she does- in the things she taught me, in the way she tackles challenges, in the way she works and creates and shares what she loves. And even though I'm sure she gave me hell for sneaking up on her and taking this picture, I don't regret it for a second. I'm proud to say it's mine- this photo, this moment, this person.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom-A-Lee. I LY&LY.

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