Monday, June 25, 2018


Our Solstice feast this hot and humid First Day of Summer was very much kid-driven, with little hands prepping a large portion of dinner, setting the table, serving the food, and even helping to clean up afterwards. It was the first time they participated at that level, and it was really fun. They took their roles so seriously, and they did a great job. It is an awe-inspiring thing to watch a tradition take root and grow to fill a space of importance in your Littles' lives.

After dinner and story time (we're reading the A Wrinkle in Time books right now), in the half-light of a summer bedtime, I tucked my big helpers in to the tune of the tree frogs croaking and the cicadas buzzing, and each one wished me sweet dreams and a happy Solstice.

It was a very bright way to kick off the new season.

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