Monday, June 11, 2018

First Summer Ferments

This weekend I called my kiddos down from nap time (aka quiet time these days) to indulge in a growing seasonal tradition spurred by all the things coming in from the garden: our first round of ferments! We pulled out the crocks, the genuine antique pounders, and the homemade weights. We washed 'em, made up our saltwater solution, and did a lot of chopping and pounding, and in the end had a big crock of 'kraut, a small crock of kimchi, a big jar of jalapenos, and a small jar of banana peppers salted and weighted and covered on our counter top!

24 hours later and they're bubbling away, and my laundry room smells like spicy and sour and clean clothes, and that is a lovely summery smell to come home to!

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