Thursday, January 28, 2016


Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all the potential around me, overwhelmed by the demands of the projects at hand, the family, the time constraints, the expectations and the bazillions of distractions ongoing all. the. time. There's excitement in it all of course, but it is also so overwhelming.

Sometimes it is so easy for me to get lost in the burdens and ugliness that come from always approaching everything with a 'DIY' mentality. There are so many to-do's, there are still so many fixes and repairs and time-sucking projects, and at times they all seem equally important. Most of them are good problems to have (where will the new compost setup go, what will the new well house look like, how are we going to finish out the bathroom?), though some are not (where is all this renovation waste going to go, where is the water leak in Audrey's room coming from, why does the garage keep flooding every time it rains?), and there are days when I loose sight of the forest for all the trees!

And sometimes there comes along One Of Those Days where the kids can't stop yelling and are sent to their rooms to play separately until dinner because they're driving me nuts and all I want to do is make flatbread and falafel like I made with my Mama that one time and for crying out loud I follow the directions exactly like we made it before and it JUST WON'T STAY TOGETHER and grease gets everywhere and popping chickpea shrapnel is flying and everyone is hungry but nothing is ready because so much time has been spent trying to make this stupid recipe work so I just serve the wrecked falafel as Flavor Crunchies and give up... and everyone loves them anyway.

So sometimes I just need to remind myself that, although it appears at times that things are falling apart, getting messy, or not happening the way I expected, I just need to chill because stuff around here will eventually turn out just fine in the end... as it usually does.


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