Wednesday, October 21, 2015

There is Plenty.

As I've lamented before, I'm missing my fall garden right now. If this was a 'normal' fall, I'd be dehydrating greens to make super green veggie powder, I'd be pickling another round of beets, I'd be cutting and hanging herbs, and maybe I'd be planning a batch of sauerkraut made from my first-ever homegrown cabbages.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut I'm not. However, fall is still a time of harvest, even if there's no garden for the harvest to come from around here.

With all the apple pie we've been eating, we have been able to make a good stash of apple scrap jelly. Some day those apple peels will come from our own orchard... but until then we'll make it from the peels of farmers' market apples.

We've also recently picked up our semi-annual forequarter of grass-fed beef, and as part of a different kind of harvest I've been putting up quarts of beef bone broth. Next week the temps are supposed to be nice and cool, and if the weather does what it's supposed to do I'll be out on the back porch with crock pots, rendering tallow.

I've also got two quarts of "limecello" aging in a dark corner of the laundry room (thanks to the need to do something with 32 limes I had on hand, long story...), and making booze to fill the freezer always soothes my angst over not having garden produce to put up right now.

There is plenty all around me, even if it's not coming out of my soil.

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