Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just a Taste

It finally rained today, breaking the 41-day streak of zero precip that has made this August the third driest on record. Granted, we only had 1/10", but it was better than nothing. What made the teeny tiny bit of rain acceptable was the "cold" front that came with it, allowing us to finish the second half of the day in the low 80's and high 70's.

It made the kids energetic and got them outside.

It made the dog frisky.

It got the chickens foraging again (vs. laying in shade, wings out, panting).

It got me working on the front flowerbeds.

It got us all thinking about autumn, and that maybe- just maybe- it's drawing near.

Tomorrow (they say) the high will be in the 80's, and we may start the day in the mid-60's. When it's hot and dry it's hard to remember that summer doesn't last forever... but what always helps us believe that fall will come again is a day like today... even if it was just a taste.

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