Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Fever

Early October, how can that be? On the one hand, our weather is doing it's usual flip-flopping between seasonally appropriate and boy-it-still-feels-like-late-summer-ness, which makes it hard to wake up every morning and immediately feel the presence of Fall. On the other hand, no matter which side of the coin the day falls on, it's still much cooler and more pleasant than it was a couple weeks ago, which makes everyone feel a little antsy, wiggly, sir-crazy... whatever you want to call it. Is there such a thing as Fall Fever? Because I think we have it.

For the kiddos, this energy usually takes them out to ride their scooters in the driveway, climb the gigantic overgrown bushes around the house, or dig in the sand. For me that usually leads to a little still and quiet to finish up whatever I was in the middle of when I sent them outside. But what if Mama is also feeling that autumn restlessness?

Yesterday, it meant we all packed up and went to explore a new space in our neighborhood, meet a friend, have a picnic lunch, and get out.

We were completely immersed in the harbinger of Fall Fever, and immersion is just what the doctor ordered- we came back home sticky, wind-blown, and at peace... at least for the rest of the afternoon. But then, we all know that sometimes the best 'cures' are the ones that are simply made of sunlight, breezes, a new place to run, and a Mama out of the way (though close enough to snap a few pictures... and come to the rescue, if needed).

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