Monday, August 12, 2013

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...loving our big boy's fresh new 'do! He was so still and brave while getting his cut, which really helped this amateur family beautician!
...actively shopping for a few key pieces of furniture needed for places here and there in our new spaces, and focusing mainly on used stuff with character off of our local craigslist.
...hoping to go pick up a new-to-us beautiful round coffee table today, full of said character!
...peeking up at the shelf of home-canned goods every time I open the pantry, and smiling with satisfaction at the 12.5 pints of muscadine (or mustang?) grape jelly put up last week.
...feeling relieved that the last 1.5 gallons of un-jellied grape juice is now productively turning in to wine- to then be turned in to vinegar- on my counter top, and no longer waiting for it's turn in the canner.
...hanging family photos, re-covering pillows, and pushing us ever closer to 'settled' (another post on our place coming soon)!
...still smiling at the outing with friends and family to celebrate my 31st trip around the sun! What a great time... and a fun chance to sport fun new sandals, too!

Right now I'm teetering on the line between the reemergence of our old rhythm and the lingering chaos of our move-in process. Like the hubby said this weekend- we're past Phase One, but there's still a long line of stuff waiting for attention. I guess I'd better be off to focus my attention on some of 'em.

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm SO envious of canning skills. Did you have someone teach it to you, or are you self-taught? I've watched videos and read books, but I'm still not confident in just tackling it myself.

    1. I figured it out myself by reading and trial-and-error! If you start with water-bath canning and "easy" stuff like applesauce and high-acid foods like pickles, you can't go wrong, just stick to the directions! You can do it!

    2. My favorite go-to books are "Put 'Em Up" by Sherri Brooks Vinton and "Preserve It!" by Lynda Brown, and the best jelly recipes are the ones on the inserts of the pectin boxes!